Your Baby Teething? Here’s some tips and tricks you may haven’t heard of.

    Tips and Tricks for your Teething Baby

      Is your baby teething? I hear you. My sweet little baby is going through it too. Drool, slobber, fussy, tears and no sleep? (not only your baby!!) ... you’re not getting enough sleep?Your not alone, Mama! Your little one may be teething. I’ve been on the search for some more natural recipes and alternatives, and I would love to share with you what I’ve found. 

      Although the timeline Varys, babies can teething anytime, but usually begin around 6 months old. 

      I’m not a doctor, and (nor do I want to be). I’m just a mom myself, and with tried and tested alternatives to the Tylonal approach.

      So my first baby, teething was a breeze for him. My second, is a little bit different.

       Some babies develop fever, irritability, rashes, vomiting, and other disorders when teething.  I don't understand what happens in the child's system to cause these symptoms.

      What’s the best way to soothe sore gums?

      • Massage: I’ve found that with my littles, I take A little extra virgin olive oil, and do a soothing massage. Feet, neck, cheeks, neck, glands. Just kind of all over. Not only is it relaxing, but there is extra nutrition health benefits to it. Our skin in the largest organ, and what you put on your skin is assimilated. So your little one is absorbing extra nutrition through their skin, which when nutrition is increased, pain decreases. 
      • Rub your babies gums: although this one seems obvious, this one helps with discomfort. Make sure your skin is clean, free of lotions, and residue. Your little one wants to chew on things for pressure to help break the skin. So a little rubbing can ease the pain. On my 2nd baby, there is an herbal life savor! (This is not an affiliate, and I’m not getting paid) it’s called Dr. Christopher’s Herbal KidECol just a few drops given, or massaged on the gums. 
      • Chewing: you may notice your baby chewing on fingers, her fists, or on you too. Give them toys (ones your not concerned about parts falling off). We had a baby toothbrush formterthing babies at one point, and all the bristles disappeared. Where? Most likely eaten. I don’t want to make that mistake again. So this one works well. Sometimes it takes a little encouraging, but once they figure it out, they love it. Chill one of these bunny teethers. You can either wet it a little before freezing or not, but have the toy chilled. It’s with untreated wood, and free of any harmful things for your baby. When they need it, pull it out, and voila. You can hand wash/rinse the “ears” and wipe off the wood.  They are adorable too. Another good one, is an adorable teething braclet. Soft silicone beads, and they can wear on their wrist or ankle. 
      • Saliva: so saliva is calcium rich. Which helps with teething. Your baby could be lacking good, organic, ASSIMILABE calcium that is crucial. If you don’t assimilate it, that’s how people end up with excessive bone spurs, etc. so you want to use a good plant sourced calcium. I’ve found the powerful duo is the Kid-E-Col and the Kid-E-Cal (the calcium) I also Noticed when I took Calcium internally, when I nursed My first, he had no trouble. This second one, I havent been so on top of it. 
      • Diet: diet plays a roll too! If you’re nursing, avoid as much processed foods and especially sugars. And your baby too. Processed and refined sugars leach the calcium from the bones (teeth are bones) and sugar causes other health problems. 
      • Warm bath: I know for us, bathtime always calms my babies. When nothing else seems to work. A nice warm bath can calm both you and your little one. 

      It’s hard to be patient sometimes while we are running on no sleep, and have a fussy baby. Don’t worry! It won’t  last forever. Just do your best to comfort your little one :) 

      Those are what have helped my family through the teething. I hope they help you! What is your secret to help your baby with their teething? I’m open to new ideas! 


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