10 DIY Easter Decorations Ideas


  If you’re anything like me, I’m not very crafty. I love to show a hint of the season without going over the top. I also hate to spend a ton on decorations, and have them sit in a box all year. So here are some ideas I wanted to share that I found, I thought you may like too! 

1) Yarn Easter Eggs 


These yarn Easter eggs would be fun to make with kids. All you need are small balloons, pastel yarn, Mod Podge, and a paintbrush. Blow up the balloon and carefully wrap it with yarn. Paint over the yarn with the glue. When the glue is completely dry, pop the balloon.

DIY Project Details: craftbyphoto.com


2) Upcycled Vases for Easter Flowers 


This project is much easier than it looks. Use old clear glass bottles to make colorful vases. Make sure the bottles are as dry as possible before painting. Pour a little bit of acrylic craft paint in your bottles and roll them around to ensure the insides are coated completely. Let dry for at least 3 days. Be sure you don’t fill these vases with water, or the paint will come off.

DIY Project Details: reidunbeate.com
3) Candy and Flowers for centerpiece 

Use a glass trifle dish for this project. Layer chocolate coated candies in the bottom of the trifle dish. Add a layer of marshmallow bunnies. Add more layers of candies in various spring pastels. When the jar is full, simply add silk flowers. Put a few marshmallow bunnies on skewers and add them to the bouquet.

DIY Project Details: twosisterscrafting.com
4) Glitter Eggs 

All you need for this dazzling project are eggs, glitter, white glue, washi tape, and toothpicks. Blow out the inside of brown or white eggs and let dry. Dip the eggs in the glue and sprinkle with glitter. For fun stripes and patterns, try masking the eggs with washi tape. You can also make polkadots with your fingertip dipped in white glue.

DIY Project Details: kitchenfunwithmy3sons.com
5) Edible Centerpiece 
Is this not the best? Beautiful, and also edible! 
Décor was basically all found in the produce aisle at the grocery store.  So simple, but so beautiful.  Some of my favorite things are found in nature and I love using as much from nature as I can at our parties.
DIY details: https://www.aliciahutchinson.com/one-year-peter-rabbit-party/ 
6) Lilac Vases 
Easy beautiful, and clean! Cut some fresh flowers and place in beautiful jars. 



7) Babies Breath, pastel Eggs 



8) Paper Flowers 

Make these cute little rosettes out of cardstock paper, hot glue, and floral picks. (Tutorial: The Sweetest Digs)


9) Egg Wire Basket Centerpiece 

I love how fresh this looks! The contrast with the white and new pink are stunning. 


10) Golden Easter Eggs 

Amazing what a little paint can do? Add a little elegance and make these golden eggs! So adorable. 




What’s your favorite DIY Easter decoration ideas? I’d love to know! 


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